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Re: The Problem of Jiyu Waza/Spontaneous Application

Thank you for that story and example Prof Goldsbury. After all the hard work on related skills, learning of the technical aspects, and just getting through and immersed in a second language something just happened that was not specifically trained for. Maybe Aikido skills do have to be the same.

Hilary, I really liked your post. One point you touched on, I have also heard from some that I should move like no one is there, that Aiki body is something separate and distinct from a relationship, and that the uke should be irrelevant. I cannot reconcile this idea with finding kuzushi, which is definitely my preference. I am a nurse; my work life is very much about paying attention to the other person. I approach a number of techniques as though I am half of the equation, or that I am the artist and uke is the clay.

I assume uke not mattering is the undisturbable body idea. A posture with few openings and well conserved momentum in the direction I chose? Because this idea is the most foreign to me I assume if there is a step past kuzushi it probably involves more of this.
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