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Re: Aikido, Martial Arts & Sparring

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
forgot to respond to this. i don't have problem with what Valadez doing. i think that's fun to do as a learning/training tool. i do have problem with the shodokan clips where i don't see atemi involved.
Atemi (talking about punching and kicking when I say atemi here) is something that I feel needs to be able to be removed and put into the sparring practice at will.

The reason I say this is, regular sparring with strong punching and kicking can quickly take it's toll. Even professional athletes in striking arts don't spar with heavy strikes everyday. While I think it's good to get into heavy striking every now and again, so you know what it feels like to hit someone hard, and have them hit you hard, it's not something most people want to experience on a regular basis.

I would regularly do BJJ sparring for 5 hours straight at least once a week, I always felt fine the next day. However, every time I'd do some heavy kickboxing, for a much shorter period of time (maybe and hour or less), I'd wake up the next day with a headache, and bruises here there and everywhere. Good training sometimes, but not something I'd want to experience every morning.

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