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Hmm, there's a book titled 'Angry White Pyjamas' about a guy taking an Aikido course for the Tokyo Riot Police. So if anyone's interested in connections between the police and martial arts, maybe it's worth taking a look. I say 'maybe' because I haven't read it (not published on our market, it seems).

And as for seeing Aikido everywhere - anyone saw it in 'Hero' with Jet Li? What caught my attention was King Qin's comment on the 'sword' calligraphy - 'The third step is to free yourself from enemies, which now bring peace and happiness to the people' (my own English translation from a Polish translation of the Chinese original. Obviously not 100% accurate .) It seems to me the movie's authors unintentionally glorified Aikido - the mastery of martial arts ('becoming one with the sword') is one thing, but not having enemies is true perfection. And that's the goal of our martial art, all in all. Anyone else saw it, or am I yet another cultist nut?
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