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Johnny Chiutten
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Re: Re: A new approach to training

Bob Strahinjevich (bob_stra) wrote:
And to think, you're only 120 + yrs late with that suggestion ;-)
Thanks Bob. If you re-read paragraph 2 and 3 my point is that it is useless to practice many forms for hundreds of different attacks as most pepole would freeze with the adrenalin surge and will have a neural traffic jam trying to do a particular move for a particular attack under real situations.

This is what most Martial arts school do.

Stressing training the principles as outlined instead fo many forms will free you of this jam and will make you move in a random,no form instinctive way as Masters do.

This is a speeded up learning process, which if practiced diligently will give results in 3-5 yrs instead of 20-30yrs.

There is a guy in Australia teaching this Bob. "Real internal power." I'm happy to give you his contact number if you are interested. Its a real eye opener.

Sincerely, Johnny
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