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Johnny Chiutten
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A new approach to training

In most Martial art schools, you are taught from the outside-in. We are taught a set of forms, movement to do against such attack.Basically you are given a choreographed move to deal with every kind of attack. So it stresses form over function. Its kind of like a Jazz musician learning the scales in music.

After years of dedication, hard work of this external practice you are to achieve a state of mind body unity, balance,sensitivity and relaxation. Yes this is all achievable, and many traditionally trained Martial artists are superb fighters. But this takes decades to achieve.

In the meanwhile combat is not ballet, the attacker is not going to Tango with you.
If Techniques are not intergrated subconsciously and absorbed, you are left with hundreds of moves waiting for hundreds of matching attacks. When the spit hits the fan will you pick the right one? the last thing you want to do is get caught in this neural traffic jam.

WHY NOT train from the inside-out? The principles of combat which are loosenes (relaxation in motion) balance, body & mind unity sensitivity and force. By force i dont mean external force.
These principles must be applied at the same time and it is easier to apply than stressing on techniques to apply to many different situations.

Its like you train like a Jazz musician, improvising on a theme. Letting it flow with the rhythm and energy of the music. Not even the musician will know where the song is going or how it will get there. Yet there is method to the madness. the Jazz player who is more relaxed, balanced with the instrument, sensitive to the flow of notes and puts the whole body and soul to the groove will make the better music.

Learning just the forms and techniques is like someone practicing only the scales and will never be able to Jam with confidence.

Personally I know of only 3 civilian schools which take this different but effective way to train. These priciples will greatly enhance your training in your chosen form of martial arts.


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