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Michael Varin
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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

Wow. The confusion persists!

Chris asked a fairly straight forward, two part question.

1. What is the perceived difference between internal martial arts and good athletics training?

2. What is the assumed superiority of internal martial arts over good athletics training?


Look at your post. You have stated conclusions, and then asked more questions. Chris was asking for your explanation. By simply providing the "what's, why's, and how's" you would have answered it, at least to the best of your present ability.

Jonathan Wong wrote:
Hi Chris. If you have found a way to train for what you want to get, that is a good thing. But anything you could be talking about (things that could be gained from "athleticism") is a different thing than what "they" are talking about.
Why are they different? What are the differences?

Jonathan Wong wrote:
Your question only computes if what you say is true from your experience is generally true for others-- that is, if you can get internal training from athleticism.
This is a false statement, and plays no role in answering this question.

Jonathan Wong wrote:
But I hear people saying that they are going far and wide to learn how to train internals, via exercises that are not present in athletics. So.. I guess whatever they are talking about can't be gotten from athletics.
You guess? Why do you guess this?

Jonathan Wong wrote:
So can you clarify? Do you mean why do we perceive internal skill as superior to the very different thing of athletic skill?
Yes! Why? And how are they very different?

Jonathan Wong wrote:
Or do you mean "given that internal skill is learned within regular sports, why are things like shiko better?"
As far as I can tell Chris never required you to make that assumption, but if you feel it needs to be addressed, Why is shiko better? What does it provide that is not found in the realms of athletic training.

People, let's be more aware of our contributions to this forum. Let's move this discussion forward, instead of running in circles.

Let me help everyone. Good answers would be structured as follows:

1. The difference(s) between internal martial arts and good athletics training is/are [ ], because [ ].

2. The superiority of internal martial arts over good athletics training is [ ], because [ ].

And, of course, you can add any additional explanation that you think is necessary.

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