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At our club we have some very basic rules that make sure the place is clean:
1) Before every trainingnight the mats are cleaned.
2) No training with uncovered wounds.
3) You bleed, you cover your wounds and you clean (immedately!!! and dont forget to warn others about blood on the mats as well)
These rules are not there because of the fear for diseases, but as respect toward the dojo and fellow aikidoka.

Risk of aquiring HIV is very small with this kind of contact. HIV just isnt that contagious!! You need really good blood to blood contact to exchange HIV trough (accidental) wounds. (Of course if you do the kind of cut your hand bloodbrother banding thingy in your dojo then it would be a completely different story, but to my knowledge this is not common practise in Aikido ) If you are afraid of catching diseases in the dojo, there are far more contagious diseases around like TB, Hepatites or Meningites to worry about.

Besides it also depends strongly on where you are and among which people:
  • In subsaharan Africa chances of meeting someone who is HIV infected are real as over 8% of the adult population is infected (this is just an overall rate, some areas have very very high prevalence rates as other seemed to have missed the epidemic sofar)
  • In the USA chances of meeting someone who is infected are small with 0.6% of the adult population infected (Here a nice effect occures as only 27 states repported to have HIV at all, yet the nation wide prevalance is 0.6%, it must be obvious that there is no homogenieus spread of HIV in the USA. Disturbing however is the observation that more than 22% of all incidence cases is confirmed due to heterosexual contact, and, more worrying, epidemiological data and special HIV surveys indicate that even more
    incident cases should be contributed to hetero sexual contact. This is also the reason for UNAIDS to list hetero sexual contact as an important method of transmission of HIV in the USA.
  • In the Netherlands chances of meeting someone infected with HIV are smaller with less than 0.3% of the adult population infected. Although the number of incidence case due to hetero sexual contact seems to have rissen a bit, the main transmision is still confined to druguse and homosexual contact.
  • In the UK chances of meeting someone with HIV are small with less than 0.3% of the adultpopulation infected. However 2/3 of all cases occure in London, mainly among homosexual men. Hetero sexual contact does not seem
    to be an important way of transmission, but reports indicate increasing high levels of high risk sexual behaviour among young adults.
  • In Australia and NewZeeland chances of meeting someone with HIV are very small as less than 0.1% of the adultpopulation is infected. Closely confined to homosexual contacts, or more recently, also to men that work abroad
    (SE Asia) and who have a second wife in those countries.
Sources: UNAIDS Epiupdate2001, UNAIDS factssheets.

Stay healthy,
dont do drugs
and if you are gonna have sex, make sure you are gonna have safe sex.

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