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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

What I find so interesting in all of these threads about aiki, what it is, what it was, what it might be, what it might have been, what it could be, what it isn't.......all of this now happening 70 years after Takeda Sokaku passing. Each of Takeda's major students like his son Takeda Tokimune, Takuma Hisa, Tonedate Masao, Sagawa Yukiyoshi, Horikawa Kodo, Yoshida Kotaro, and others, along with Uyeshiba Morihei ...all founded or where the progenitors of separate schools. These individuals all had the same teacher, and differing views along with their own approaches to what was to be taught. Looking at what their students look like today none of these folks had the same definitions for the basic principles, including aiki.....

Considering Aikido my first teacher Harry Ishisaka said the following in a letter back in 1976 talking only about Aikido and O Sensei's direct students......

"The original teaching of O Sensei, Morihei Uyeshiba, were interpreted and applied by his various students….who emphasized in their own schools aspects of (O Sensei's) teachings which they felt to be most meaningful and worthwhile," said Mr. Ishisaka in an April 1976 letter to BLACK BELT (magazine). "Of course, it was inevitable that each disciple would interpret the teachings in his own way," he continued, "and I do not regret each may following his own lights. The Master himself insisted Aikido be dynamic and that its practitioners be willing to apply their insights and experiences to its improvement."

So how many students of O Sensei started their own schools and took their own paths? How many of the direct students who stayed with the Aikikai teach their own version of what they learned?

Considering all of this how many permutations are there?

So my question to all of you is why are we arguing over lineage and who started something and what is the absolute actual whatever? Why are we not taking a clear look at what is being offered?

The tried and true method for confirmation is personal contact.......maybe we should try to get together informally and see what is really clear that talking about here finalizes nothing...other opens the door.

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