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Freaky! Re: This Weekend in West Virginia

[quote=Howard Popkin;193859]
Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hmm ... I probably won't get you any answers that you'll like.

Roppokai method. Got just one iota above zilch about Roppokai methods. This was my first intro into them and I got about as much insight as a blind and deaf man in Tokyo during rush hour trying to find another American.


1) Break Balance
2) Relax
3) Enter
4) Repeat as necessary !!!

You did great, just need some more exposure.

As for me being a great guy, you bribed me with ribs and beer, of course I'm going to be nice

Thanks again !!!

You mean I missed the Ribs and Beer! Man for some reason I feel that I missed out on more then just ribs and beer! Thanks Mark!
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