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Re: My experience with Dan Harden

What Dan is doing is good aikido in that he actively moves to a position where he could do maximum damage and then choose not to. That's one of the most basic definitions of aikido.

A personal belief of mine is that the purpose of aikido is to manifest your true self. Using that definition, I don't know how many people at all are doing aikido. I can say that more quickly getting away from wasting so much time on my stability issues cannot hurt that endevor.

I think those aikido teachers I have met who actually have some of these skills don't teach that aspect as directly simply because they weren't taught it that directly.

Now that I have a todler, I find I have less time to practice with others, but I do have a lot of time to work solo training while he plays on a swing set, or with trains, etc. I just got to try to do those exercises in a wave pool in Cape Cod on vacation (while my wife was holding him in the low end). Standing exercises in a wave pool takes concentration.

Anyway, the more I work what Dan showed me, the more I see important connections to my aikido waza. I'll wait until I take a few corrections from both Dan and Gleason sensei before I post about these ideas.

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