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Re: Spending a little too much time on here!

Mal Smith wrote:
i wonder if we are addicted to this site, or to this art... i mean i know i go here when i am not training at the dojo, its just a good way to kill time until my next class!
I think Aikido is addictive. Yes, I do believe it is. That's probably the main reason I came back to it after 16 years. Sure, I can justify returning (it and Tai Chi work on the internal aspects whereas Kali, Serak, and Karate emphasize external; more help in learning how to relax my upper body muscles) and how it slots into my training now (focuses on areas of techniques Guro Andy covers too but, because Kali and Serak are huge, he doesn't cycle back to for 3-6 months. Seriously), but at the end of the day, I can't tell you what held my interest in Aikido! Whatever O Sensei tuned into, it gets in your blood and that's it -- you're doomed.

And the addiction is contagious. I've loaned Guro Andy some Aikido materials --- books and videos -- which he, of course, viewed ravenously out of his love for all martial arts. But now he has Aikido-on-the-brain. It came out one night when he was explaining something: "In this position, you have to remember that many Aikido practitioners .... Aikido? No, Wing Chun .... " The only thing that's kept him safe is the fact that his schedule hasn't permitted it. But if it did .... <shudder>

So those of you Aikiweb readers who have never done Aikido -- RUN AWAY! Save yourselves while you still can! Don't come any closer! Or you'll end up like us!

Everybody else: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

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