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Diane Stevenson
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Just a short comment from a student who happens to be an at-home- mom.

I find evening classes difficult to fit into the schedule of my family. Typically going to class means finding a sitter for my youngest, (as my husband travels on business), shifting dinner to an hour earlier, making sure other kids' homework is done right after school, and a late night for my older kids who want to come train too (getting home at 9pm, which means bed no earlier than 9:30, and getting up the next day at 6am for school).

I would JUMP --thru hoops, maybe flaming ones, even -- at a class offered during the school day. Even if meant to be a introductory class I would do my best to weasel my way in. While it wouldn't address my kid's needs, it would give me a stress free time to add to my training schedule.

A women's only class? Well, usually I do enjoy training with the guys, 'cause I know I can't shift them on strength alone. On the other hand, after reading this thread, I think I may well appreciate better the opportunity to hone my sneakiness.
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