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Angela Dunn
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

just throwing in my own thoughts here. And if I am wrong then I am sure someone will correct me.

There was a woman only class that my dojo set up with a female instructor. As far as I understood it it was aimed as a self defence class for a certain amount of time with the aim of feeding them into the main class. Did not work out that way. Soon as it came to feeding in they did not come back.

The classes designed as feeder classes had a mixed group of people, they did feed in. Sure that brings the amount of females registered in my particular dojos up to Five and three teenage girls in the younger members section. Many a time I am still the only female in class. But it worked a lot better as far as I can tell than just having seperate classes for females only.

I can see the argument with regards to women feeling more comfortable working with each other for whatever reason. If it works in getting more women into a dojo then great as long as they do mix into the main class after. However if women need a womans only class in order to do Aikido I am just wondering how likely it is for them to join in with a males class afterwards?

This does also raise the question though, in my mind at least, of why are women in general staying away from aikido in the first place? Is it for cultural reasons, fear of the unknown, scared of training with men or are martal arts seen as a mans domain and women just find them not appealing?
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