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Re: ok then, on to a better idea?

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
This is a very theoretical point of view, and I could see myself agreeing with this theory. It is a hard-line approach that is easy to defend if you are on the priviledged side of a pre-existing cultural division, such as the cultural division that makes it easy for us males to have so much self-confidence that we can saunter into a dojo and say, "ok sign me up!"
Well, I spent more than a few years on the under-priviledged side of pre-existing cultural divisions - but I've never asked for any special arrangements, and I wouldn't take them if offered. Sure, it might have been more "comfortable", but at what cost?

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
I see what you are saying, but I disagree in cases like this where all around us, some people actively put energy into keeping males in power-- don't we need to actively put energy into stopping this arrangement, if it is to ever end? Anyway I just wanted to explain why I would disagree with something that sounds fine to me in theory. (I not talking affirmative action in dojo enrollment, just supporting a females-only intro class that feeds into regular class)
Which Aikido dojo are actively putting energy into keeping males in power? I'm sure there must be some - but I've only rarely seen an institutional policy of this kind. Besides, everybody is free to train as they like - male only, female only, whatever. I'm just saying that I don't see it as a particularly wise choice - not that you or me or anybody else should go around "stopping" it.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
So then, what is the better solution to the masculine dominance in aikido, which evidently has the power to prevent women from signing up (due to the support from a culture that priviledges men)?
Why does it need to be "solved" - why is there an obligation to create a politically correct balance of race, gender or religion in the dojo? Unless there is deliberate intent involved, I don't see the problem.



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