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Re: AikiWeb Raffle for Mary Heiny Sensei

Hi everyone,

The AikiWeb Raffle to Mary Heiny sensei's hip surgery is now complete! We raised $4,325.60 through ticket sales (448 tickets minus PayPal fees), but I'm going to go ahead and bump it up to a nice even:
~~~ *** !!! $4,500 !!! *** ~~~
Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle, both by donating items as well as purchasing tickets!

I have done the drawings and have the grand list of winners, but I am not quite done collating everything into a presentable manner. Please be patient! I should have everything ready tomorrow (May 2). Stay tuned and at the edge of your keyboards until then!

Once again: Thank you, everyone for your support!

Best regards,

-- Jun

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