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Re: Starting a kids class- seeking advice & wisdom

Try to keep the parents involved too. Let them know what you're doing and why and they can be very supportive of the class. Your students are sure to get the occasional bump and bruise and that is a good time to interact with the parents. Let them know what happened and what you suggest they do. For example, we had one of our kids sprain an ankle last night - no big thing in any way and probably not preventable. He just stepped wrong and twisted the ankle. We spoke with him, a mature 12 year old, and recommended the RICE process. When Daddy arrived to pick him up after class, we discussed the RICE process with him as well. He went away confident that we truly do care for the safety of our students and want them to be secure of that. If the parents are confident that their children are in safe hands, they will often make referrals to other families too.

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