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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Aikido

Christopher Li wrote:
They split off and do their own thing - happened before and will happen again, no doubt.
Sure... and best-case scenario is that they distinguish their "Aikido" (actually this happens in a lot of arts besides Aikido) by altering the name. "Tomiki Aikido" would be an example of a change that involves some modification from the original practices. Or "So-and-so Dojo Aikido". You don't just "split off and do your own thing" and still indicate that you're doing "traditional Aikido" at the same time. That's called misrepresentation or "fraud" in polite society. If you're manly (or womanly) enough to make changes to the base art, you need to be manly enough to step up and say so up front, rather than start the BS about how all things can be considered "Aikido", yada, yada, yada,... at least that's the traditional approach.


Mike Sigman
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