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Amos Barnett (Currawong) wrote:
I actually stopped Aikido after I took up meditation. I decided that Aikido wasn't taking me where I wanted to go...
Aikido isn't for everyone, just as meditation isn't for everyone.
Amos Barnett (Currawong) wrote:
...I found the guidance of a living master of any meditation to be helpful, as they can help you "inside" - you feel they are there helping you, even when they aren't physically there...
It's great if you can find an instructor or teacher you can connect with. But if you can't, you just have to use what is available.
Amos Barnett (Currawong) wrote:
...I look at anything we do daily where we focus our concentration unwaveringly as being "meditation", though possibly most of it is not so useful as Aikido "Moving meditation" or seated meditation...
Because we practice something which we believe to be spiritually uplifting, sometimes we fail to see other ways to practice in our daily lives.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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