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Re: The Fear of Power

I started aikido because I wanted to learn to fall. It looked like fun (and it was). It was about mastery, which is I guess a kind of power. Like, dancers, other artists, great athletes - they are into power as well. The power to create, and of self control. So yes, its about power, but not necessarily about power to hurt or even to control others. I tend to feel grateful to my ukes for being part of my technique, actually. Otherwise it would be about as much fun as a car crash.

I went through a long period of enjoying of controlling others and working with that, and I think most people do. I am looking for a different kind of mastery now, a power to be in balance and awake. Like sailing, maybe - one does not have power over the wind, exactly - not that I know, I get horribly sea sick. But car crash aikido is kind of a bore, I think.

Violence is just violence, but I am not much interested in it anymore.
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