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Re: The Fear of Power

David Orange wrote: View Post
No. I'm talking about physical human power. It's a necessary part of life and it's a necessary part of aikido. What I'm criticizing is people who are drawn to the power but have to deny that fact. And this confuses their practice and, if they teach, confuses their students. And if they present this to the world, it confuses potential students. That is, if they appear to have power. If they appear to be weak and then say that aikido is not about power, it just confirms people's image that aikido is weak.

If someone is already strong and comes to aikido to learn to be smooth and graceful, well, they already have power and they're not trying to lose it. They're simply trying to refine it.

It is only with those who deny the nature of power in aikido that I have any disagreement.
So we ARE talking about physical power, you have adapted your premise. As has been stated before on this thread there is a limit to physical power. That kind of power will peak at the age of 30 - 40. Ueshiba stated that their was a limit to his physical power and in addition admitted that he had lost more than once because he tried to overpower the other with physical power or with technique. So human physical power is not at the heart of Aikido - Aikido is about something else.

Personally I derive a lot joy in discovering and applying that something else.

And I can reassure - it does not confuse my students.

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