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Re: Uncommitted Attacks & "Competition-style" Attacks

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I respectfully disagree.
Stepping back and doing nothing else is energetically and physically inviting further attack while doing absolutely nothing to enhance your own position.
By controlling the space and staying outside the reach of the jab I suppose you would be inviting further attack this is true. But maybe this aggravates the opponent into making a more "committed" strike and making an attack that you can take advantage of? I suppose Im drawing this type of idea from training with knives, and if someone is making small tight quick movements (like they should be) you dont really want to try and mess with something like that, rather, do what you can to control the space and invite them into make a lunging type of attack that you can more easily deal with.
I know we arent talking about knives right now, but I was just trying to justify where I was coming from with that statement, respectfully.

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