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Re: Uncommitted Attacks & "Competition-style" Attacks

Thanks for all the replies, guys!

When I said uncommitted, I did not mean no strength/intent, what I meant is that uke's body does not follow through with the attack. To be honest, I have very little experience and training regarding such attacks, that's why I'm asking these questions... So far in the dojo I train at in Penang, every attack we train to blend with is thrown with uke's whole body moving forward.

Phi, your reply reminds me of a seminar I attended by Joe Thambu Shihan.
He taught us how to defend against a lightning quick front jab to the face.
What he did was something like a "bob-and-weave" motion. As uke threw a right jab, he bobbed underneath and to the left of the jab, and as uke pulled back his arm, he followed through with iriminage.
Personally though, I have never been able to execute that...

About maai, I have practiced a bit with my brothers and Karate senior. It seems I can react fast enough to tenkan around uke without him ever landing a blow on me, but I get hit if I tried to irimi after that.

I'll try out those suggested techniques when I step onto the mat next Monday.

Can I ask you guys an unrelated question about etiquette?
I am planning to join a Karate Society when I get to university.
Is it ok to ask Karateka to train with me those techniques you guys mentiioned?
Or is it considered rude? I remember my first Karate sensei told us never to train with other budoka who are not Karateka.
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