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In the end you're demanding to be convinced. And that's nigh impossible if someone won't accept anything other than what they already believe to be the case. That's why I suggested you simply talk to Saotome when he visits the US next month if you think there's an issue with a whole lot of senior people studying with Dan. If you feel so strongly that it is contradictory to his writings as you understand them you should probably go to the "source". It is his organization after all and I seriously doubt he appointed you as defender of his writings. He might want to know what's going on and would probably give you guidance for the future.
Hard to be convinced if one refuses to step on the mat with the man. Just saying...

FWIW, Saotome Sensei lives in the US and teaches seminars frequently. If one wishes to ask a question -- especially if one has already discussed a topic with him at length -- it's just not that hard to find an opportunity.