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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight - Indeed!

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
I'm not going to go into this here, but in Daito Ryu there are explicit relationships between Japanese Buddhist and Shinto practices/philosophy and the techniques/worldview of the art itself.

These relationships are also prevalent in in traditional forms of Japanese flower arrangement and music. These are just two that I am in some way familiar with. In fact, pretty much any traditional form of Japanese art should have these philosophical links IMO.

My point is that Daito Ryu is not "merely" a vehicle for "Internal Strength" training. It is an art with its own traditions, history and "spiritual" (For want of a better word) worldview.

A great post, by the way!
Hi Oisin,
thank you, I did not know that was the case for DR.

I should have been clearer: What I think will not work is isolating out "aiki" as a physical method from a complete culturally specific package (Morihei Ueshiba's practice) and then reintroducing it somewhere else to make spiritual improvements.


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