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Peter Lovatt (Genex) wrote:
Hi all just wondering does anybody else meditate regularly? for any reason really for center, religious reasons etc...?
I actually stopped Aikido after I took up meditation. I decided that Aikido wasn't taking me where I wanted to go. The Master I "follow" (for want of a better term) is at the same level in equivalent terms as O'Sensei was, yet is still alive, so no arguments over nonsense like you get in Aikido
since you found aikido have you been sitting in Seiza when you do meditate or am i now being wierd?

I look at anything we do daily where we focus our concentration unwaveringly as being "meditation", though possibly most of it is not so useful as Aikido "Moving meditation" or seated meditation.

I found the guidance of a living master of any meditation to be helpful, as they can help you "inside" - you feel they are there helping you, even when they aren't physically there.

My Aikido instructor taught some basic meditation, but at least one of the students who started doing it by himself started turning very nasty (there are dangers in meditation, like anything else, which is why I suggest finding a master) and caused the club alot of trouble.

If we use the Mind-Body-Spirit analogy, at the very least, it is worth practicing letting the mind become quiet. If we take guidance for our actions from the soul, rather than from the mind/ego and body, we gain great benefits in our lives. I believe that good Aikido practice can overcome problems with the ego, though I have seen many more senior students and teachers fall into the ego trap as they go up the ranks.

I've posted some other relevant things to this in the "Aikido Abuse II" thread.

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