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Re: Pain - How Important?


I think it depends very much on the teacher and the philosophy he follows if pain is "foreseen" or not.

First, there is the possibility for uke to anticipate pain; whenever you feel "now it WILL start to hurt" you escape into a fall. I generally don't like that very much because as the previous participants say - where is the balance aspect of the technique if uke just dives out of a beginning pain? However, I do that regularly for shiho nage because my wrists turn too easily and too much, and I'm afraid to damage them if tori regularly finishes shiho nage properly.

On the other hand, if you try to RESIST as uke, there are some techniques that hurt like hell AND damage, even if they don't work in the end. Such as sankyo. A determined tori can tear your hand like a screw but maybe still wouldn't unbalance you if he isn't in the good position. So if you resist the technique won't work but your hand will hurt for a long time.

Then there are people who try to perfection their technique concentrating on the balance, and they manage lots of techniques without inducing the slightest pain. That works on kote gaeshi, ikkyo, yonkyo, shiho nage and certainly on all rapid techniques without locks.

And then I remember still my old teacher here in Brussels, who made yonkyo and nikkyo with only the slightest pressure, just between two fingers, and it BOTH unbalanced AND hurt like hell...I've seen something similar only with Endo.

For me personally, it doesn't matter too much if the technique hurts or not, as far as no permanent damage remains.

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