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Re: The "Power" of Aikido

1. Most fighters, boxers and wrestlers dedicate more time to training in a day than the typical aikido student trains in a week. Many of these individuals are not meatheats, they are not stupid, and they are not uncivilized. Professional fighters are athletes wereas most aikido students are hobbyists. Do not confuse the lack of participation in aikido from these fighters is because they are evil, or brutes, or thugs. These individuals have found other systems that are martially effective and choose to participate in those systems.
2. Aikido has an obligation (if we consider ourselves martial artists) to provide first and foremost martial viability. Under the framework of a martial system do we derive the principles and ethics which guide our training and influence our lives.

Sometimes I think we hide behind a veil of illusion that our poor fighting skills are the result of taking a higher road which separates us from the animals that "pound" each other. We [falsely] conclude that superior fighters from other martial arts must be 1. stupid, 2. abusing steriods, 3. pro-violence, 4. all of the above.

As to the original post...Wisdom is not a trait which can precede action. Wisdom is a learned trait defined from weighing experience and education to conclude a prudent decision.

Budo serves nothing - it is a complete education through the process of militaristic training. The physicality of budo prepares students for realizing action; the intellectual education creates a logical and calculating mind to prudent decisions; the spiritual development fortifies students to have the courage and dedication to realize action.
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