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Re: Guests in the House

I got you.
Problem for me is that most pacifists (on a personal level of pacifism) that I've met couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. (not to say that some of them were not surpassingly passive aggressive). In any event, pacifism wasn't a choice, it was their only option, which means it was no moral choice at all. Shin Taido, for example, has an ideology much like aikido, but is even further divorced from martial arts - it draws people who, generally speaking, are not the ones causing mayhem in the world anyway. What made aikido attractive to me - and disappointed me in turn - was the promise of gaining surpassing power encased in a conflict resolution model. When I didn't find the power I was looking for, I looked elsewhere. My current interest in internal strength training, at least in regards to aikido, is based on the idea that aikido could actually fulfill the dual functions of power development and conflict resolution. I think that without the former, the people who might most need aikido wouldn't give it a second glance.

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