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Re: Interesting

L. Camejo wrote:
Hi all,
...Taken to a level which I prefer not explain here, mukusu returns one to the state some chinese call Wuji. The state where all movement-mental, energetic or otherwise has stopped and Yin/Yang, thought/action, stillness/movement etc. become one again. The total release of the ego self.

Mukusu is actually a very powerful meditation I have since realised, but its mastery cannot be achieved in the few minutes we do it in class (same goes for mastery of technique as far as I'm concerned), it must be practiced as often as possible to gain true understanding of the thing. From what you have said, you may have a better grasp of it than you think...
I'm personally interested in your interpertaion on how mukusu applies to Taosist cosmologics, an area I'm just begining to explore.

If you don't want to post, send me an email.

Peace and Blessings.
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