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Ai symbol Re: Etiquette and Ego

Etiquette has no meaning by itself.
It is nothing universal. It is local.
The ceremony at start and ending, the handling of weapons and many other things differ from place to place.

Following etiquette is far away from doing things right.
And just if you think so, if you did something "wrong" it doesn't gets undone if you do it again in the "appropriate" manner.

We do not have to argue who's ego we are talking about, if these rules are just the idea of one single person...

You were speaking of pride...
...I want to speak of honor...
...I want to speak of self-determination...

Why do I have to ask for permission to not having to sit in seiza if I know that forcing me to do it anyway wouldn't lead to a miracle cure?

What remains of respect if it has to be requested?

Let me ask how "japanese" it is to raise your hand if you get aware of something "offending" happens...

Don't get me wrong. I do like etiquette alot.
But in my opinion the essence of aikido is love... not restrictions...
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