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Re: Etiquette and Ego

I find in martial arts, there is no etiquette, etiquette, and crazy OCD etiquette. In a world of you tube and cell phone cameras, I worry about being recorded as the slouching idiot in the corner of a seminar video.

I use etiquette to evaluate those partners with whom I am not familiar. For example, if I witness a partner who has poor personal hygiene, I think, "if this person thinks so little of themselves to remain clean, how will he treat me?" Or, I witness a student training with a weapon, and she moves slowly and carefully and treats the weapon with respect, I think, "hmmm. this person may be a great partner, I will make it a point to work with her."

In a dojo, we sometimes dismiss etiquette as something foreign. But, we judge people by their manners all the time. Someone cuts you off in traffic, they're a jerk. Some one bumps into you while walking, they're not paying attention. I find it odd that we will judge others based upon their social manners, but when we walk into a dojo, the attitude changes.

Etiquette at it's purpose keeps us safe, keeps the dojo clean, and facilitates the respect we owe each other.
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