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Re: Etiquette and Ego

You guys are no fun, you get it.
Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Etiqutte is a very wide and subjective area. It is important, but important in different ways to different people. It is cultural and helps shape a dynamic within a group. It is adaptive and the leadership must shape the environment appropriately to use it has a TOOL to help guide and teach the lessons and accomplish the job at hand.
Agreed. And I guess my point was that a student with a flexible and adaptive enough mind won't have a problem with whatever etiquette is asked for in a particular group.
It is both external and internal. The best kind of etiquette IMO is the type that internalize and no longer think about having to do! we just do it!
I kinda dislike "just do it"... Has to do with my job... I think to me the best situation is where you don't need to be reminded of doing it, but while you do whatever it is (bowing as you enter for example) you still know that you are doing it, that it's not an automated habit. But maybe that's what you mean as well.

Thank you for reading!

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