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Re: Poll: How helpful has using visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc) been in your aikido training?

I posted this for last poll but will reprint:

looked for a link, but found none. I'll relate a study done a few decades ago:

College basketball team split - one group physically trained, one group visualized under coaches direction - same regimen as physical team. The 'mind only' team got better as measured by their physical skill level.

My physical therapist, who has studied neurology in depth suggested I get video of the master in my martial art. He said that if I make an 'efferent image' and repeat this over and over in my mind I will develop the skill I am imaging. 'Efferent' refers to nerves that carry signals from the brain, in this case to my muscles.

I have improved. FWIW

Next reply I agreed that 'feeling' was true because the eyes can not be trusted.

I just got a great dvd of OSensei. He is truly wonderful. Did anyone else notice him have other than perfect footing at times? When I read OSensei's words every day I get the impression he was telling me that my true teacher is the universe, and my experience of it, and not he himself. Sensei facilitates the process, but I must learn and be responsible for my success and failures.

Of course, this is my opinion of my own training, and not criticism of others.

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