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Re: about training capacity

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Huh, that's a lot of injuries. There's always some risk but that seems maybe more like a pattern. People being too reckless or doing things hard that they don't have the skill to do hard safely?

Or not enough focus on ukemi skills (which incorporate far more than just 'falling')?

Conditioning (strength and range of motion and flexibility, etc) can help prevent some injuries but not all of them.

I'm not sure what you mean by being 'powerful enough', though. I can see how lack of physical conditioning like weakness or stiffness might make you vulnerable but conditioning won't really make up for lack of ukemi skills, I don't think -- which mostly don't involve being 'powerful', as far as I can see.

BTW, if someone you're training with is training in a way that makes you feel unsafe, tell them to ease up. It's your body...
We're like 10 trainees, three of us by the age of 30 and it's the only selection that treats each one another with extreme cautious and do the moves very very slowly tell it's understood.

The rest of the trainees are much younger, 15-18.

The coach knows we collect the moves much faster than them for our focus so he insists we train with them

By powerful I mean the ability to sustain an injury to it's lowest level for instance be able to use strength against a wrong move.

That partially helped me when we were taught Ushiro for instance, my shoulder almost got dislocated but I think it was the muscle mass that prevented it from being complete dislocation, I think it was Ushiro.

Do not know how to explain this any further, perhaps widen the range of questions?
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