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Re: "Don't use strength!"

Thank you for the help! The IP/IS strength sounds very interesting I would like to pursue that route if possible. Yeah training now is definitely frustrating. Every time I practice with sempai I feel like I am relaxed and yet get told I am not. When they do it it feels like they are using muscle but more efficiently.

Mark- so when uke pushes me on my hand and gets me off balance then stop and readjust? That sound like a great practice technique.

Rob- That is an interesting practice against the tree. I will try that!

Russ- Yeah keeping my hands in front is something I need to work on.

Osaya- I dont have any Endo sensei dvds. I will have to check them out!

Peter- Shadow practice sounds interesting. I will work on that.

Mario- Very interesting idea. I like that concept of changing the vectors and not fight my partners ki.

Grondahl- When Sempai does technique on me it still feels like strength to me. Just more fluid feeling. Funny as soon as I move they stop me and say too strong. Honestly sometimes I just stand there for the whole time because I have no idea how to move without strength.

Phi- Believe me I feel like making my Sempai "relaxed, all the time...hahah

Lee- yeah one guy tends to over complicate things with esoteric explanations and analysis of every thing I do wrong. I get kinda annoyed working with him despite him trying to help me. I am the biggest guy in the dojo so I practice with a variety of people.

Perhaps its not as bad as I think but, sometimes I feel like banging my head through the wall!! I think I most likely barrel through the technique with strength to make it work most of the time. I have trouble with "connecting to center" also. Is this the tension from nage to uke? I have a lot of trouble feeling what is like.
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