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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Considering I probably have five hundred or more posts dealing with this issue's research, I'd say you're ignoring a rather large amount, wanting what? The answers spoon fed to you? I would suggest that you have a rather extensive talk with Gleason. You are, ASU, right? Perhaps a shihan might sway you? Although I'm beginning to doubt it.

There are lots of people who know my training history. Some is listed here. So, not exactly sealed. I've given you enough information to start your own research. And until you do that, no, you don't have any right to call BS. Put in the time and effort I have and then come back to talk with me. I put forth my theories based upon years of experience and research. I stand by them. You put forth some other person is right because they are in the Voices of Experience and ask me to be forthcoming?

And millions of people trusted their betters and highly educated scientists when they were told the earth was flat. Your point?
You can forum post all you want, that gives you no right to argue anything about what Osensei could do, what he said, what he taught, or what he didn't teach. You weren't there, he didn't teach you, you are not part of that chain of information transfer.

It is a matter of ownership - you own your own experiences, insights you have earned through training, stuff gleaned from conversations, random little thoughts you have reading the translations or whatever that inspire you to go try something new. My advice is to argue in those terms rather than claiming an understanding of Ueshiba and "Ueshiba's aiki" that you don't have.
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