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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
First para question, yeah. But not just me, at least hundreds of people now.

No, sorry, some things are done in confidence. I know that doesn't help.

Or something, yes.

No and no.
Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hmmm ... let me follow the logic here. You don't know any of my training history, any of my research, any of the people I've trained with, but you're CERTAIN I do not have a logical basis of challenge for the essence of aiki? I would disagree, but I also understand your dilemna in that I am going against long years of tradition. I certainly am not doing so with malice.
I am asking you to support your arguments with information about your training history, research, and people you have trained with. And you are not forthcoming, citing confidentiality.

You cannot make a logical argument from sealed information. I am therefore completely right to call bullshit on your claims of superior understanding of the nature of aiki to anyone who has earned the right to post in the VoE forum, let alone someone who trained closely with Saito Sensei, who trained closely with Ueshiba.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Long ago, when millions of people stated the earth was flat, did that make the very few who said it was round, wrong?
Today, billions of people know the earth is round without ever having seen its curvature. They trust what they were properly taught in school by the authority of their teachers. And yet today, there are people who believe the world is actually flat. Or that there are actually four parallel earths on this one planet, each about 6 hours apart.
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