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Re: Crossing the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Here an interesting clip of a Wu style guy (who was actually a prominent figure in pre-war Chinese politics) - check out the golden ball (and the hacky sack!):

Whoa! Those training devices are wild! The golden ball is ....just incredible...

The hackysack thing is actually a kind of shuttlecock, with feathers. I once met a troupe of women players from Shanghai who looked like WNBA height, long legs, and they played those shuttlecocks like kung fu. They would do jumping roundhouse kicks, kicks from behind their own heads, or reach straight up with their legs and slap it forward like a volleyball serve. They couldn't use hands, but their whole bodies could control the shuttlecock, stop it with the shoulder, pop it up with the knee, kick it with the foot, really intricate stuff. In Japan, they call it kebane, or kick wing. Kick birdie?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Thanks for the kind thoughts David!
Thanks for the great help! I like to say how arguments on here and e-budo led me to recognize a level of martial skill I hadn't even imagined existed, despite my experience in Japan. Those arguments actually changed my mind and not many arguments have done that.

In your case, though, the arguments led you to make clear translations of some of the key statements on aiki that Morihei Ueshiba made. And you didn't keep that under your hat, either. You brought that out to the aikido world. There are not enough kind thoughts for that.

Thanks again.


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