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Re: Aikido and the Structure of the Universe - Ichirei Shikon Sangen Hachiriki

One doesn't have to go to Mongolia - which was certainly not a study trip anyway - to find such elements in neo-Shinto. For example, the Misogi-kai exercises were mostly derived from Chinese qigong exercises. Pretty much all the common Taoist doctrines were available in Japan: through Kampo (Chinese medicine), through Taoist texts in Buddhist doctrine, through Taoist elements in neo-Confucianism, through martial arts texts. Wondering where Deguchi might have found doctrine like Hachiriki is like wondering how the heck Americans ever heard of Shakespeare, given that the guy lived all the way in England.

OTOH - the question if similar language/doctrine was used in Daito-ryu is interesting. Old wine in new bottles? Or a direct transfer of the wine-cellar?

Ellis Amdur

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