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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
Care to enlighten me? I'm not saying that this is a valid "aikido" counter for ikkyo. I'm also not saying that it will work if your ikkyo is good. BUT, if you do a poor ikkyo, then why shouldn't uke pick you up to show you? Just like if you do a poor sankyo, why shouldn't they aim a punch at your head to show you? That's just the way I train, I'm afraid.
If I do a technique poorly then just about anything would work as a counter, would it not? You really do not need to practice Aikido for that or work on the principle of Aiki for that.
If I would also be passive or inexperienced that would make it even more easy for you to counter! You could also ask someone else to tie me down or hold my arms while you do your counter, that would work even better would it not?

But now just for the fun it imagine your opponent is not a nice guy like me, but a genuine Arverni Celtic warrior. And you try to counter by getting straight up and lift your opponent. Changes are you get a blade trough your throat and your vertebra. Recently archeologists found piles and piles of these heads. Heads of the enemies of the Celts taken during and after battle. Some of the Japanese old ryuha still practice techniques whereby you take the head. This becomes a lot easier if aite would be willing to get up. Like in a ineffective counter. Like in trying to lift someone up.

But as I pointed out before - if you think this is a valid counter and that you could go into such a battle, do that counter and live for another day, then that is your prerogative. It is even possible that you know more and better then my teachers (small secret between you and me - I did not figure this out entirely on myself, I learned it from my teachers in Aikido, Shorinji Kempo and the art of knife fighting), not likely but always possible...

The whole discussion was not about this counter. It was about an example where muscular strength gives aite the advantage. It is only in that context that I mentioned that it is not a wise move of aite to try to force his way up. Meaning that this was not a good example to build a foundation of the given argument on. There might be good examples - but this is not one of them.


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