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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Actually, you entirely missed my point. My point was that a sufficiently strong partner has a potential counter that is simply not available to a smaller person.

Yes, I agree that if the technique is done correctly, no counter is possible. But how many of us have perfect technique every single time?

Well, I might have missed your point entirely. I thought that your point was that women have a strength deficit in comparison with men.
If that is your point then I disagree. There is no scientific proof for that. It is a cultural bias.

There is no place for such a cultural bias in my classes. In teaching I do not want to create situations or exercises that give the impression that Aikido is about strength after all. Or about men being stronger then women. Or about having to make up a strength deficit with men. As stated before, Aikido is not about strength. Not in my practice and not in my dojo anyway.

If on the other hand your point is that a stronger person has an advantage over a smaller person, then that is a different statement altogether.
A stronger person may have an advantage over a smaller person, but then again a smaller person may have an advantage over a taller person, just like a fast person may have an advantage over a slow person and visa versa.

You came up with ikkyo as an example of a situation where a stronger person/man can lift a smaller person/woman up. Now you are saying that when done correctly no counter is possible. Then does that not disqualify your example of ikkyo as a valid argument to your point that strength gives a man the advantage?

Again, I am not saying that a counter is not possible. It is just that I do not see what it has to do with being stronger.

I do not understand what perfect technique has got to do with it. Your point of departure was already a technique done correctly.

If I have missed your point entirely again, then I do apologize. But I have the impression that I got your point. I simply disagree with it. So let's agree on that and leave it at that.

kind regards,

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