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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
sigh... I don't know how many times we have to beat this old - and very seriously dead - horse.
As many times as there are new people who want to ask this question. Because to them this is a fresh topic that they need to discuss. Nobody forced you to respond.

Honestly. If the older members are tired of discussing certain topics why not just refrain form posting? It would be a whole lot better than this derogatory and discouraging kind of post. Just because you are done discussing it does not automatically mean every new person who comes seeking advice and answers should be invalidated or made to feel unwelcome or wrong for asking.

Imagine of you asked your sensei a question and he just looked at you and said well Ive discussed this particular topic dozens of times with your seniors. I'm tired of answering the same question to you beginners. Go figure it out on your own....

what if one of your juniors came to you in the dojo with this kind of question? Would you treat him with the same cold condescension?

This is our dojo in cyberspace. In fact it's Jun's dojo so to speak. We need to really start acting a bit more respectful of its members.

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Explore your life and your needs - then ask the right question.

- Jørgen Jakob
Judging by his second post he did exactly that.

@Maggie. Would you kindly share with us exactly why you would leave a dojo just because it does not provide classes every day? What if said dojo were headed up by your own sensei? What if the teacher is such a dojo was of a very high caliber? Would you quit a dojo where you could only train with such a person twice a week? Quantity does not necessarily equal quality.

Before we can say what enough is I think we must look at the intended goal.

Enough for what?

Is two days a week enough for one to make progress and learn? Yes it is. It is certainly better than no days. Of course more may be better; but you do what you can with what you have.

Is two days a week enough for someone who wants to become, super uber samurai warrior sensei, in a short period of time? Well then no its not enough. But with that kind of attitude there are not enough training days in week to satisfy that particular desire.

So again? What is the goal. Everyone here has a different reason for their answers, depending on what their goal is in training. It would help to put things into perspective for the OP is this were shared.

Personally I'm not all that concerned about self defense or whether or not I can handle some dude who sticks a knife in my face. (and whether or not he is holding it right). My chief goal in learning aikido; is to deepen my understanding of myself; of body mechanics; developing awareness and presence of mind; and improving my balance and connection when I ride my horse.

I figure 3 days/6 hours a week is sufficient for me to achieve that goal. And in fact I feel like I am making very good progress. If I had to make do with two, and I did for the first 6 months or so that I trained, then that's what I'd do. Because my teachers have exactly what I am looking for in my practice.

Anyway those are the reasons behind my first answer.

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