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Evil Eyes Re: practice every day, Otherwise you are wasting

Willi Brix wrote: View Post
Why so niggardly? Lets go for 100 times a week. Everything else is a waste!

I drink to the fanatics

I should have added that if you want to know how good it feels to have a sense of your waza move with "no-mind" instinctively, mushin no shin (無心の心), or wish to do well in competition, where an injury's a possibility.

there's joy and, perhaps, some learning even at 1 a week, esp. once you've had a sense of learning the basics.

Gichin Funakoshi practiced karate everyday, granted that he was a pro.

How good would your cello be if you practiced daily, 7~14 hours a week? Budo is no different then music or language.

I have seen karate-ka practice for six plus years and still show no real 'gung fu' or sense of proficiency of the basics (not talking about toughness/fitness, btw, but demonstrating clean techniques and attention to significant detail, with a warrior attitude, that should be there regardless of strength or size). After all, budo is not flower arranging or tea serving, both that are zen practices but does not deal with life and death.

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