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Re: What is "IT"?

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
1), Rather, this to make Erick realize that his long scientific descriptions about internal skills are a waste of his time and the time of those who argue with him, because what he talks about is not what Rob, Mike, and Dan are discussing.
Hi Lorel,

Rob, Mike and Dan have been posting on Aikiweb for quite a while, and although they are all active in the discussions, they don't always agree and see things eye to eye. They each seem to come to the subject from their own particular corner, so although they are in the same ring, they don't all use the same tactics.


p.s. I like Ericks attempts to describe the phenomena in such a scientific way, most of it goes right over my head, but he may well have a line on what is actually happening, even though knowing this information doesn't actually give you access to the 'how to' of the skills in question.

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