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Re: What is "IT"?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Erick, the problem is that all your statements, whether you wish them to compel or not, simply show that you just don't understand what the major IS proponents are even talking about.
Fine argument to make. So show that. Demonstrate something that I have stated that shows that. I've said alot -- pick something...

David Orange wrote: View Post
There's just no relevance.
That I will categorically deny. Well understood physics, bio-mechanics and neuro-muscular actions are completely relevant to any action involving the human body. My position on the application of that information might conceivably be shown to be physically wrong, but the information is completely relevant -- and since I do in fact apply it in action and correction of action, I would say, purely empirically -- it is not completely wrong, either....

David Orange wrote: View Post
It's not necessary to prove you wrong. You do that, yourself by addressing something totally unrelated in your tortuously elaborate rationalizations.
Non intellego ergo non vero ? Complex = wrong? Uncommon = wrong? While we are at it, let's just set the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle at three and save ourselves the nasty math headache.


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