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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

Yes, IHTBF because until you do, reasoning is generally not willing to throw several things you normally consider to be "facts" out of the window. As I mentioned before, feeling that someone is not vulnerable to pushes and pulls on the line from anus to navel is different from reading about it. Feeling that someone can deliver force without committing weight is another of those types of experiences that would be remarkably harder to swallow by reading about it.

As far as what I think I'm actually doing, I'm not volunteering that level or degree of information to the uninitiated yet. I'm simply not good enough to do it properly and I'm not sure that those basics SHOULD be described in a public forum. Seems like a pandora's box type of thing to me. Just because there are bigger weapons than knifes, I still wouldn't feel right about giving them indiscriminately away especially if there were only a few sources for them...

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