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Re: On Closing Threads

Hi Mike
The sparks can still be avoided. We're just flawed human beings.
When someone pretends to know the material and clearly doesn't. I openly state it when I see it. I don't call people liars though. I just make it known that they in fact haven't a clue about the subject being discussed. It makes them as uncomfortable hearing it as it does for me to read them saying it.
The reason, as you say, it centers around the internal discussions, is because people want to particpate and be included when they clearly just aren't qualified.

I am waiting for this simple fact to finally sink in
Every aikido person -from here- who has come has said.
1. Nope, I didn't know that
2. I didn't know how to even train for that
3. I want that

We get people angry when we state
1. Nope, you don't know this
2. You don't know how to even train for this
3. If you felt it, you would want to do it

I admit to being flawed. You will read where I apologize if I offend. It's simple for me. Its not my intention to do so, so its easy to apologize.
To date, after years of speculation, challenges and heated debate. It should not escape anyone attention that we have NEVER had to apologize about the following.
Those that fact didn't know. they just thought they did. This to include shodans to sixth dans with forty years of experience.

And other than Rob Liberti I have yet to see someone write in with nearly the passion about just how much they were in fact....totally wrong.

It's the single greatest training in the world. There is nothing better. Unfortunately it is conveyed through us mere mortals.

I leave you with one more observable truth
Everyone writes back how nice and fun we all are in person and how pleasant the experience is
Why is that?
Because in person, someones utter lack of ability, skill and knowledge of this material is known instantly. Therefore...their...attitude changes and they are receptive and pleasant. No longer is there debate, no longer are they trying to get it through words, no longer is there resentment. All is known
That's why every one who comes back here...magically agrees. The material speaks for itself

Thats why I intend on visiting Erick and his teacher. It will instantly end all of this debate and those loooong explanations that are, for everyone who now knows the subject...meaningless. Remember my examples above?
Keep hoping for the positive. Its not insulting to not know something. Happens to me all the time.

FWIW I am in Mass. about 4 hours from you

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