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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Not shabby at all!

I've always been concerned about going outside for things like striking, close in grappling, etc., because you have to be careful not to adopt things whose principles actually conflict with what we are SUPPOSED to be doing in Aikido. That is why I would look at an art like Daito ryu, as opposed to modern kickboxing, for example, if I wanted to do more striking.

I am still very wary however, of fooling myself. The level of sophistication available with this material is daunting. And it is way too easy to THINK you are connecting, connected, and supporting from the ground when you are not.

Mike has said several times that the approach the Ki Society's use of seperate tracks is a good one, and I can see why, since it keeps the martial side seperate from the skills in this area. Something to definately examine.


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