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Re: Going to Japan - help?

I did JET right out of college. It's an easy job, even if the conditions aren't great. It's becoming more difficult to get in, but it guarantees that you won't be working evenings. the downside is that you could be placed in a very rural location, with no local dojos. If you have a bit of money saved, you could come and look for the non corporate (non nova Berlitz)English conversation job. the problem is most of them are evening jobs, because you teach the working people and school kids. I have a private JH/HS job, but those are hard to get if you don't have experience in japan. I do know someone who got a cultural visa to do aikido. You would probably have to be in Tokyo or Osaka hombu to do that. It's not as easy as it used to be, but if you do your research it can definitely be done. I think you should think more like a year instead of 6 months. It takes about that long to get used to things. You can find cheap places to live if you can take living in a small dirty apartment.
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