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Re: Kaesu

Joshua Reyer wrote:
However, (and this is with all due respect), I don't feel "return" is the proper translation here, even though I also agree entirely with your description of a proper kotegaeshi.

You "return" the wrist; the kote necessarily turns over in the course of the technique. That you allow uke to turn over it himself is irrelevant; the technique name makes no such fine distinctions. It simply says that someone turns over the kote.
I are not a expert, but...

I don't think this technique requires the wrist to turn over at all. It is optional.

I also do think it is entirely relevent (to aikido, though not the name) whether or not uke does the work, regardless of the technique name.

Joshua Reyer wrote:
I can understand concerns about someone hearing a translation and thinking they have to crank it. Unfortunately, people often think that just seeing the technique demonstrated. It's up to the instructors to properly explain the technique, as you have here.
I've heard this translated as "wrist twist", so I think it's entirely relevent to offer a better translation that might help people to reinterpret it, because I'm hear to tell you that there a lots of people around who are offering a translation in part to define how to practice the technique.

Heck, I've read articles right here about why the ikkyo -yonkyu series are named ikkyu-yonkyu. You call it something, people ARE going to interpret it, so be very careful about what and why you use naming.

Some schools are ALL about choosing names that best describe HOW the techniques fundamentally work in their style... as a subtle (or not so subtle) teaching of the fundamentals.

Some aren't.


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